“La promesse de l’aube”

(Drama-Romance, 2017)

Adaptation from Romain Gary’s autobiographical novel starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Pierre Niney directed by Éric Barbier produced by Jerico Productions and Pathé.
(Additional music compositions and arrangements)
Broadcast in theater the 20th of december 2017

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“Comme des sardines en boite”

(Documentary, 2017)

France3 Corse TV channel (52 minutes) directed by Thierry Aguila produced by Lardux Films.
Broadcast tonight the 1st of October 2017 on France 3 Alpes Côte d’Azur channel

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“High Speed Theft”

(Gangster movie, 2016)

Short film co-directed by Alessandro Principe and Mathieu Ferrando produced by Festinatio Films.

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“Starfucker – 60 seconds to die”

(Giallo – horror, 2016)

Short film directed by Emilie Flory. 60 Seconds to Die : The Movie A Short Horror Film Anthology featuring 60 short horror films from established and upcoming indie filmmakers from across the globe ! 60 Seconds to die is a new horror anthology with a twist ! Every short featured in the film is exactly a minute long ! No longer or shorter !
Official Selection at the Shriekfest Film Festival 2016 (CA, USA)
Official Selection at the Tripple Six Horror Fest 2017 (Manchester, UK)
2017 Movie Trailer Sylver Award from Hollywood Independant Filmmaker Awards and Festival sponsored by Paramount Studios (CA, USA)

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