Jotashield (Dubaï)

Pepsi (Saudi Arabia)

“Les parrains de la côte”

(Documentary, 2006)

Documentary series for France 3 channel, directed by Thierry Aguila and Philippe Carrèse produced by Comic Strip Productions.

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“Conciliabule” (2005)

2nd movement (6 mn) of a 3 pieces chamber music for 13 musicians.

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Powerhorse (Lebanon)

Belgacom_finger (Belgium)

Toyota Baby (Lebanon)

Toyota Bank (Lebanon)

“Ne meurs pas”

(Drama, 2003)

TV-movie for France 2 channel starring Roger Hanin, directed by José Pinheiro produced by JLA Productions.

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“Une femme piégée”

(Detective film, 2001)

TV-movie for M6 channel starring Marion Cotillard, directed by Laurent Carceles produced by Alizés Films.

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Belgacom 2000 (Belgium)

Dimple Whisky (Greece)

“La fabuleuse histoire de Marseille…” (1999)

Orchestral piece in 4 movements (60 mn), for children choir, narrator, soloists, african percussions and orchestra. Command in celebration of the 26th century of Marseille city, (France) in 1999 (Ville de Marseille, Conseil général des Bouches du Rhônes, Rectorat d’Aix-Marseille, Centres Musicaux des Bouches du Rhônes). Live concerts in France, and 2 “premières” in Marseille at Théâtre de La Criée (Marseille, France) in June 1999.

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“La proie et l’ombre”

(Thriller, 1999)

TV-movie for M6 channel starring Marine Delterm directed by Olivier Chavarot produced by Hamster Productions.

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“Peur blanche”

(Thriller, 1998)

TV-movie for M6 channel starring Alexandra Van Deer Noot directed by Olivier Chavarot produced by Alizés Films. Awarded with 1998 Cognac Award (France).

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“The Blacksmith Fly” (1996)

String quartet (5 mn)

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“Trois Profils Pour Une Danse” (1996)

Orchestral music in 3 acts (45 mn) bound for the ballet in Boston (USA). Libretto creation in collaboration in 1995. Composition, orchestration and conducting in 1996 in Boston (USA).

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