“Le tueur de Montmartre”

(Animation black comedy, 2007)
Francois, a lousy painter has a life split between his tyrannical mother, a quest for inspiration and an insane job. His only friend is a big knife, an heritage from his father. With this weapon, he’ll settle all his problems. His mother will be the first victim. This murder will start his career as a serial killer…

Awards :

  • 2007 Best Feature Film Award – Cinanima International Festival (Portugal)
  • 2009 Athena Grand Prize Award – ANIMFEST International Animated Film Festival (Greece)
  • 2009 Best Feature Film Award – Kecskemet International Film Festival (Hungary)
  • 2009 National Student Award – Kecskemet International Film Festival (Hungary)
  • 2009 Best Animated Film Award – Louisville’s International Festival of Film (USA)
  • 2010 Royal Reel Award – Canada Film Festival (Vancouver, Canada)

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