“Promise at Dawn”

(Drama-Romance, 2017)

Adaptation from Romain Gary’s autobiographical novel starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Pierre Niney directed by Éric Barbier produced by Jerico Productions and Pathé.
(Additional music compositions and arrangements)
Available on Canal+ Replay and VOD from December 2018
DVD and Blue-ray available

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“NIKON, je suis ton père”

(Comedy, 2016)

Short film for NIKON Film Festival 7th edition “I am a meeting” starring Frédéric Chau directed by Matthieu Ferrando.

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“High Speed Theft”

(Gangster movie, 2016)

Short film co-directed by Alessandro Principe and Mathieu Ferrando produced by Festinatio Films.

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“NIKON, I am a gesture”

(Institutional Film, 2015)

Short institutional film for NIKON Film Festival 6th edition “I am a gesture” directed by Matthieu Ferrando.

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“Starfucker – 60 seconds to die”

(Giallo – horror, 2016)

Short film directed by Emilie Flory. 60 Seconds to Die : The Movie A Short Horror Film Anthology featuring 60 short horror films from established and upcoming indie filmmakers from across the globe ! 60 Seconds to die is a new horror anthology with a twist ! Every short featured in the film is exactly a minute long ! No longer or shorter !
Official Selection at the Shriekfest Film Festival 2016 (CA, USA)
Official Selection at the Tripple Six Horror Fest 2017 (Manchester, UK)
2017 Movie Trailer Sylver Award from Hollywood Independant Filmmaker Awards and Festival sponsored by Paramount Studios (CA, USA)

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“Mui Diên n’est pas mort”

(Vietnamese mafia, 2016)

Short film starring Frédéric Chau directed by Trân-Minh Nam produced by SKM Productions, JS Productions & United Films.

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“The last diamond” (original title Le dernier diamant)

(Heist movie, 2014)

Feature film starring Yvan Attal and Bérénice Bejo directed by Éric Barbier produced by Vertigo Productions.
Broadcast on France 3 channel thursday January 17th 2019 at 9 PM

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“Crac !”

(Caper movie, 2012)

Short film starring Yann Tregouët, Christian Mazzuchini and Jean Marc Catella directed by Thierry Aguila produced by Tita Productions.

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“Blue Line”

(Drama, 2011)

Short film starring Shiraz Haq and Johndeep More directed by Alain Sauma produced by L’Harmoniste Productions, awarded with “Public Award” from Les nuits méditerranéennes de Corte (France) / “French Speaking Film Award” from Vaulx-en-Velin short film festival (France) / “Special Mention” from Interfilm Berlin (Germany) / “Special Mention” from Cleveland International Film Festival (USA) / «Cheval d’or» Jury Award from Larissa Mediterranean Festival of New Filmmakers (Greece) / “European Best Short Film” from Ravenna Corti da Sogni (Italy) / “Special Mention” from Lebanese Film Festival (Lebanon) / “Young Jury 1st Price” from Lille International short film festival (France).

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“Réflexion faite”

(Comedy, 2010)

Short film starring Delphine Rivière directed by Renaud Philipps, produced by Songes

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(Comedy drama, 2008)

Short film starring Didier Bourguignon, directed by Thierry Aguila, produced by Monkey Bay Productions

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“Mejor es que Gabriela no se muera”

(Comedy drama, 2007)

Feature film starring Mauricio Isaac, Dagoberto Gama and Gabriela Roel, directed by Sergio Umansky, produced by Produciones Tercer Mundo, awarded with “2008 Best First Feature” from Cinequest International Film Festival (Ca, USA).

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“Le tueur de Montmartre”

(Animation black comedy, 2007)

Animated feature film directed by Borislav Sajtinac, produced by Sajtinac Productions, awarded with “2007 Best Feature Film Award” from Cinanima International Festival, Portugal / “2009 Athena Grand Prize Award” from International Animated Film Festival of ANIMFEST, Greece / “2009 Best Feature Film Award” and “2009 National Student Award” from Kecskemet International Film Festival, Hungary / “2009 Best Animated Film Award” from Louisville’s International Festival of Film, USA / “2010 Royal Reel Award” from Canada Film Festival, Vancouver.

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“Le Serpent”

(Thriller, 2006)

Feature film starring Yvan Attal, Clovis Cornillac, Pierre Richard and Olga Kurylenko, directed by Éric Barbier, produced by Fidélité Films, distributed by Wild Bunch Distribution

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“Les champignons de Paname”

(Science fiction-comedy, 2005)

Short film directed by Geraud Pineau, produced by Mordicus Productions, awarded with ‘Best Movie Award and Public Award’ – 48 hour Film project in Paris, ‘2nd runner up’ in San Jose (CA, USA).

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“Les messagers”

(Comedy, drama, 2005)

Short film directed by Patrick Dhaussy, produced by Comic Strip Productions.

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“Rien de grave”

(Comedy, 2004)

Short film starring Jean Dujardin, directed by Renaud Philipps, produced by Les films du trésor.
(Orchestrations and recording supervision)

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(Drama, 2000)

Feature film starring Olivier Martinez, Claude Brasseur, Sergi Lopez and Maribel Verdu directed by Éric Barbier, produced by Vertigo Productions.

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“A Christmas Gift”

(Animation, 1997)

Short animation movie (Boston, USA), awarded with ‘George Delerue Award’ – 1997

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